Create 10 Types of Websites With WordPress

So you have decided to create your website using WordPress. If yes then your decision is right because WordPress is the No. 1 and a versatile CMS (content management system) installed on more than 7.4 million websites around the world. You can create almost any type of website with WordPress, from personal blog to social networking website We have listed a few types of website which can be created with WordPress.

1.Personal Blog

A blog is a website where you post your thoughts on an ongoing basis and show it to the world to promote you, your business and services or even earn from referrals. There are many people who like to share their thoughts and in return enjoy comments from their readers, it might be a hobby but in recent days it has become the need for the businesses to write blogs or update about their business to be respectful in the eyes of Google.

2.Company Website

It is the most commonly used type of websites, most of the businesses prefer to have their own website because it works like an online brochure and save a lot time telling customers about the products and services. Having a website for your company is very easy because there is huge competition in the field of web development and moreover WordPress made it very easy to design your own website in minutes or hours. If you want to have your own website please visit this page

3. Online Shop

Online shop is another kind of website. Each month billions of dollars of product are sold through online shops. Because of busy life most of the people like to buy online as everything is just a click away and it has become very easy to pay online, just select the product you want to buy, add to cart and pay by credit card or PayPal, that’s it. You will get your order delivered at your doorstep. Online shopping trend is becoming popular and hundreds of online shops are launched daily to compete in the market. You can also have your own online shop, click here to view details

4. Business Portfolio Website

Portfolio websites are created to show off the projects completed by the company. It gives customers a better idea of  the quality of services and help them make right decision. Good portfolio attracts more customers.

5. Photography Website

This is just like the portfolio website, the difference is only that it belongs to the photographers and they post their photo shoots to attract customers.

6. Video Sharing Website

YouTube.com is the biggest example of video sharing website. Everyone can have his own website where visitors post videos and share with friends and family. WordPress has made it very easy to develop any kind of website even website like youtube.com

7. Social Networking Website

You can also create a Social Networking Website using WordPress. BuddyPress is a plugin that let you create a website like a facebook where users can log in to their accounts and share their photos, videos, update status, create groups, add friends and a lot of things.

8. News & Article Website

There are many news and magazine websites which use WordPress as platform. WordPress is the best CMS to create news and article websites or blogs.

9. Listing Website

Listing website is one where users post their ads. There are many types of listing websites that use WordPress as their base CMS, for example, property listing website, automobile listing websites, classified websites, business listing websites and lot more.

10. Affiliate Website

It is the most famous type of earning websites. There are lot of websites which offer visitors to earn commission by sending visitors to their website. Most famous are Amazon, eBay and Commission Junction and many more. Webmasters promote their website and show the ads which leads users to the stores like Amazon and the store pays commission on completion of sales.