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.com Rs.4500/yr - .net Rs.5500/yr - .com.pk Rs.6000/2 yrs - .pk Rs.6000/2 yrs

Domain Prices

Domain Extension Registration Transfer Renewal
.com Rs.4500/year Rs.4500/year Rs.4500/year
.net Rs.5500/year Rs.5500/year Rs.5500/year
.org Rs.5500/year Rs.5500/year Rs.5500/year
.com.pk Rs.6000/ 2 years Rs.6000/ 2 years
.pk Rs.6000/ 2 years Rs.6000/ 2 years
.us Rs.4200/year Rs.4200/year Rs.4200/year
.co.uk Rs.4500/year Rs.4500/year Rs.4500/year
.ca Rs.4500/year Rs.4500/year Rs.4500/year

Domain Name Registration in Pakistan

We at i Nodes providing top-notch services at competitive prices. When it comes to domain name registration in Pakistan, we are the superior choice of numerous businesses. Without a domain name, we can’t get recognition over the internet for our business. i Nodes is registering your websites to compete globally among competitors. We do domain locking as well to prevent unauthorized transfer and unlock whenever you want. Different packages are available to renew domains. i Nodes offer different packages that suit your pocket so avail it today. Our domain control panel is easy to manage, and we consider the ease of use for management.

What i Nodes Offers?

You all are at right place for the domain name registration in Pakistan with latest TLDs.  Numerous value-added services are mentioned below. We are not limited to popular TLDs, and at the same time, we offer other countries domains as well. A few helpful tips before you register your domains.

  • To make your website fully secure register on multiple extensions
  • Don’t forget to register typos of your domain
  • Utilize domain aliasing with the different hosting plan on the same website

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

  1. Why do we need a domain name?

The first step is to register your domain name because free sub domains are unprofessional and would seem as a spamming link. Get your domain name to give a professional look and establish yourself as an online brand.

  1. How to choose a domain name?

We always suggest a short name that should be easy to remember. Register domain always in the same name as your business. Incorporating SEO related keywords in domain names would be feasible. Use letters, hyphens, and numbers but don’t use special characters.

  1. How to know my domain is available or not?

Enter the desired name in our domain search tool and search the availability. You can take different available variations and extensions.

  1. Which domain name extension is available?

I Nodes offer all type of extensions including .org, .biz, .info, .ca, .us, .pk and many others.

  1. Would domain name privacy protection work?

It’s essential to keep the identity private by choosing our domain privacy protection option. We simply hide the personal contact info from public view and replacing it with ours. This is a practice of protecting from spam.